Video marketing isn’t just popular right now; it’s predicted that by 2021, videos will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. So if you’re looking for a marketing channel that will consistently deliver good results over a long period of time, video marketing is what you should be focusing on.

Video is one of the most powerful brand development tools business owners have at their disposal. Video allows you to show much more personality than a blog post ever could.

Potential customers can get to know you and your team, experience your products virtually, and become acquainted with topics important to your company. When you create and share videos on a variety of topics (video isn’t all about selling), consumers begin to develop a relationship with your brand.

Video is especially important for brand development on social platforms like Facebook. With over 1.8 billion active monthly users as of 2016  Facebook is a hotbed of video activity.  If you’re a business owner who wants to supercharge your brand development, you simply cannot beat the power of video.

Percentage of consumers that are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it64%
Using video on landing pages can increse conversions by80%
The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with a video88%
The percentage of mobile video viewers that share videos with others.92%

Custom Video Production

For those who wish to have a custom video made. Our custom video production will give you all of the components essential to marketing your business, service or product with video, including a professional video with music, effects and text all custom produced.

Ready Made Videos

Unlike many other video production agencies, Our pre-made video service allows you to preview our video templates and samples online, So you don’t have to guess what your final video will look like when you order it.

Video Intro – Outros – Effects

If you only pay for one piece of video editing or design, then it should be your intro/outro. A video opener is a short clip, normally lasting a couple of seconds, that you can use to introduce your brand and bookend your videos.

Video Distribution

Having great video content is only part of a successful video marketing strategy. In order to successfully connect with your target audience you need planned distribution strategy. Our video distribution service will submit your video the to top video sharing websites

How We Can Help Your Business

We are a tight knit team of experienced video marketing specialists that truly love what we do. Between us we have a ton of experience, expertise and qualifications that make us highly capable and adept in the field of video creation and video marketing. So we know what it takes to create and market a successful video strategy.

Contact us for more information about our video marketing services and pricing.