3 Local Marketing Stats & What They Mean For Your Business

1) You’re trying to be a Spy Agency and don’t want to be found.

2) You have too many customers and

3) You’re making too much money.

All kidding aside… this article is about

The importance of having a website

Why have a website? I get this question a lot and I hope to clear this up here and if I don’t clear it up, please contact me and let me know why.

Having a well designed easy to navigate website could be the most important marketing tool you ever had.

1. Objective

A websites objective should be to do something with the traffic (visitors) it receives, this is called a “conversion” or means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, whether it’s to sign up for a mailing list or newsletter, come to your establishment, register for an event or buy a product or service.

All these actions lead to more income for your business.

2. An Online Presence

Giving your company an online presence means more exposure for your products and services. No matter how long your business has been running, you need to make the best use of online marketing. Not to mention it directly gives you an invaluable advantage over your competitors.

3. Increased Visibility

By creating a highly engaging business website, you reduce the chances of losing business to your competitors.

4. Customer Experience

Marketing online provides you additional chances to improve your customer service and helps to build trust.

5. Better Customer Relations

People buy from people they know and trust. If your business is online, it will give them the opportunity to get to know you.

Return On Investment

A lot of business owners want to know what their ROI will be and how fast they’ll get that return. Good questions.

Having a website is an investment in your business, so naturally, you want a return on that investment. The key to a faster ROI begins with having a well planned out “Website Marketing Strategy”.

Think Of Your Website As a Marketing Hub

The goal isn’t to get people to visit your website one time. Your website should be a collaborative hub that gives your visitors a reason to stick around for a while and keep coming back. A place where your customers will come to get the latest news, what new products or services your offering and specials your running and see what’s on your calendar of events.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so, please share it with your friends. And think back on this if one day your kid says ” I want to build a website”, he just might become the next Jeff Bezos.

Oh, and check back soon for my next advice on “Why You Should Not Use Facebook For Marketing”.

As the evolution of video marketing continues to hasten, you can expect more captivating video content from brands and consumers alike in 2018. For that reason, including video in your content marketing is a must if you desire to connect and engage today’s audiences.

In fact, more internet users actually prefer to consume content via video. It’s important that you give the people what they want by leveraging this tool in your content strategy.

The good news is, there are a plethora of ideas and topics you can use to better engage your followers this year. Here are eight best video marketing ideas that will increase your following, engagement, and traffic and lead generation.

#1 Five-Day Challenge Series

A challenge-series offers several benefits to your content strategy including increasing awareness, engagement, and lead conversions. People enjoy these videos because it gives them something new to look forward to while helping them solve an immediate problem.

By building a separate list for this campaign, you keep followers connected to your brand, provide valuable content that nurtures your subscribers, and subsequently bolster your lead generation strategy.

#2 Teach a Live Class on Facebook

Using third-party platforms like Zoom, you can convert Facebook Live into a full-blown webinar presentation on social media. Webinars are excellent video tools that allow you to delve deep into topics, further positioning you as an expert in your industry.

For optimal results, promote your class in advance on Facebook using visuals. Have followers register to serve as a reminder to attend your webinar. Finally, mention 1-2 benefits people will gain to give them a reason to show up.

#3 Give the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Industry

Another top video content marketing idea is to share the top blunders customers often make in your industry…and how they can avoid them. Consider the reasons why people come to your business either because of a problem or a costly error made. Create video content that emphasizes these mistakes, why they should steer clear, and specific steps on how they can turn it around.

#4 Share Your Wins…and Losses

People crave transparency and authenticity online. It wins over your audience, helping to build the know, like, and trust factor. A certain way of getting followers to trust your brand is by sharing your wins and losses. Tell your story by highlighting how your business failed forward to success. Be an inspiration.

You’ll be amazed at how your transparency can be a light to someone else’s journey, making your content marketing much more impactful.

#5 Show Your Process

How-to videos perform extremely well on social media. Your audience is always looking for better ways to achieve a task or goal. Publishing videos that show your process helps give immediate gratification to your followers while bringing more visibility to your brand.

#6 Recap an Event

Conferences and company events offer the perfect opportunity to bolster your content creation. During the event, every speaker, interview, and the occasion itself is content you can capture on video and optimize for your content marketing. Or you can simply give a recap of the event to share with your audience.

Be sure to tell why the event was worth attending, what you learned or gained that your viewers can use, and when the next event is to begin early promotion.

#7 Top 3 FAQs

Think about the questions you’re often presented with daily from your customers, followers, and prospects. These inquiries are ideal topic ideas for your video marketing. Consider publishing one video where you answer the top three questions asked or create multiple videos where you highlight just one. Keep it short and concise.

Again, these mini-videos are excellent for your social media marketing.

#8 Host a Live Q&A Using Social Media

Live videos are all the rave on social media. Instagram Stories and Facebook Live videos are capturing more attention than those that have already been recorded. They help you genuinely connect with your audience since viewers are able to engage in real-time.

Use this to your advantage. Give followers a chance to ask you questions live to receive an on-the-spot response.


As 85% of U.S. internet users watch videos online, it’s imperative that your brand publish more video content to engage your audience. So, implement these topics into your content marketing strategy. Give your audience more ways to connect with you via video. With consistency, you’ll experience an increase in your engagement, social following, and traffic and lead generation.


Thinking of focusing more of your marketing efforts on local search but you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile?

Consumers have been using the internet to search for information for well over a decade. Search engines have revolutionized the way we handle everyday life. During this journey, location-based searching has shown steady growth as well.

Location-based searching is the practice of searching for a product, service, or business based on location.  Couple this with the fact that mobile usage has grown exponentially in recent years, you can only image how this has impacted the level of local searches performed by consumers.

Both local and mobile consumer buying habits have had significant impacts on the marketing world and are becoming more popular as time goes on. Here are some statistics you may not know and what they mean for your business:

1. Most local consumers use local information in ads

Google actually carried out a survey into local search behavior and the results showed over 60% of consumers wanted ads to be customized based upon their location. Around 61% prefer ads that are customized to their exact location, while 67% want them to be customized to include at least their zip code and city.

So what does this mean? It means your business needs to ensure that the ads you place are extremely targeted by making uses of location extensions.

2. Nearly 70% Of Consumers Use “Call” Or “Get Directions”

If you’re wondering just how important it is to list your phone number and address, this statistic clears it up. With this amount of smartphone users claiming to use the “call” and “get directions” feature on Google, your business is seriously missing out if your details aren’t included in your Google My Business profile. Double check to make sure your address and phone number are correct. Also, claim and optimize your listing for even better results.

3. Mobile Searches Lead to Action FAST

Another very interesting fact is that 70% of searches on mobile devices are followed up with an action within one hour. Even more importantly, a significant 50% of consumers who carry out a local business search on their smartphone or tablet, visit the company’s store within one day.

So not only are potential customers carrying out more local searches, they’re also following up on their search. You know what this means… If your company wants to connect with SERIOUS potential buyers, your local listing has to be up to par and ready to give these consumers the information they need. In other words, make it easy for them to buy from you.

As you can see from the information above, local search has become extremely popular in recent years. It’s driving in a lot more local consumers, not only to company websites, but into physical company doors.

So if you’re looking to draw in new customers, increase website traffic, and boost profits, local search is definitely your first order of business.

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